Enviroment Policy

BARRADAS PARQUE HOTEL & SPA is an emblematic hotel located in Marconi neighborhood, in the city of Punta del Este. Due to the quality of its facilities, its natural surroundings, with 6000 square meters of parks and its privileged location in a residential area of Punta del Este, it is renown as one of the main hotel and gastronomy centers of the city.
Located within a marvelous setting of parks and gardens, 200 meters away from “Mansa” beach, since its foundation BARRADAS PARQUE HOTEL & SPA has provided first-class accommodation and recreation services, promoting environmentally friendly projects that follow the new global trends in responsible tourism.
Our concern for our environmental performance has led us to a strong commitment to preserve the environment, to prevent all forms of pollution and to comply with current legal and environmentalrequirements.
Having identified the importance of making guests and staff aware of the benefits of good practices, we developed an integrated system based on the concept of continual improvement, allowing us to hold a position of international leadership in the field of hotel environmental management.
Staying at BARRADAS PARQUE HOTEL & SPA is much more than enjoying peace and quietness. It is about becoming one with nature, the weather and our feelings, and about fully enjoying every minute of your stay…

Barradas Parque Hotel & Spa – Management